Park City Townhome Available for Nightly Rental during the 2015/2016 Ski Season

Free Shuttle Information

The free shuttle is at most a 5 minute walk if you walk really slow. It picks up at :00, :20 and :40 after the hour at three places near us: both entrances to the condo complex and at the MARC (formerly the Park City Racquet Club). See the map below. That will take you easily to Park City Mountain Resort in about 15 minutes and then to Main Street in another 5 minutes. Parking is not plentiful on Main Street so I would definitely suggest riding the bus if you go there for dinner or something. It's just so easy.

If you're going to Deer Valley, just stay on the bus at the Main St. station and it takes about another 6 minutes to get to the Snow Park Lodge. It’s doable by bus but almost easier to drive if you have a car. They have tons of parking at Snow Park Lodge and their own shuttle to take you from the parking lot to the bottom of the slopes.

When you get ready to come home, you want the #2 Green Park Meadows bus. And you will be getting off the bus at either Racquet Club entrance or the MARC (it stops there anyway). Just ask the driver.

Going to the Canyons by bus is tougher, because you’d have to change buses at the Peaks Hotel stop, cross the street, walk a block, wait for the #6 Lime Canyons bus, etc. with all of your ski equipment. If you drive, parking is decent and there's the cabriolet lift that whisks you to the base of the resort.

Shuttle Schedule